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PSY 100<\/h4>

Intro to Psychology<\/span>4.0 Credits<\/span><\/span><\/h5><\/div>

<\/span> Applies to the UK Core requirement:Intellectual Inquiry in Social Sciences<\/a><\/strong><\/p>

Offered in Spring Semester 2022<\/span><\/h4><\/span><\/span>

Credit from this course applies to the following programs: Undergraduate<\/strong><\/p>

An introduction to the study of behavior covering theories, methods and findings of research in major areas of psychology. Topics covered will include the biological foundations of behavior; learning, perception, motivation, personality; developmental, abnormal, and social behavior; and methods of assessment. This course is a prerequisite to a significant number of courses in this and related areas of study. Lecture, three hours; laboratory/discussion, two hours.<\/p>

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